Our soaps are handmade in Belgium, we use only quality ingredients, vegetable oils and fragrances created by French perfumers.

The embossed soaps are purely vegetable based, very mild with a naturally clean fresh scent, providing a rich luxurious lather that will leave you feeling tingly clean, refreshed and rejuvenated from head to toe. The donkey milk soaps are enriched with donkey milk issued from an organic Swiss donkey farm. The exceptional creaminess of these soaps will nourish skin, helping it to remain healthy, supple and soft.

We have 4 standard sizes: The smallest soap (20g) is a cube of 3 cm and is used for our alphabet soap. The message soap (45g) is a double cube and is used for our standard messages and logo embossing. The souvenir soaps, available in 55g and 70g have a bigger embossing frame . The donkey milk soaps are only available in the two "souvenir" sizes.

All soaps are standard cracker wrapped and ingredient labelled. We can give the wrapping an extra touch by adding a cinnamon stick, a heart, a shell...in accordance with spirit and the embossing on the soap. The wedding and newborn "thank you" soaps are finished with beautiful satin bows.